Monday, 6 October 2014

The Technology Of Powerful Games

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A weekly poker game at a friend's house requires technology that's no more advanced than that of the Roman Empire -- a table, chips, and cards are all you need to gamble with friends.  For those who prefer to play on their own schedule, and for higher stakes than a buy-in of a couple bucks, there's a bevy of online casino games at Platinum Play that incorporate much more advanced technology than wood and plastic.  How are online games and next-gen gaming parlors incorporating high-tech features and new mathematical algorithms?

Mobile Mania

In an age when there are more smart phones in the country than there are actual people, games have realized that they need to offer mobile platforms for gaming in order to compete on the digital market.  Mobile users can input the same payment information that they use to browse shopping sites, while competing against friends (or bragging about big winnings) by sharing their victories on social networks.  Designers have realized, furthermore, that there's a lot of advantages to making an iPhone game: no machine to build, no maintenance to perform, no cash to collect, and no need to worry if the power goes out.  

Odds Makers

A generation ago, sports bookies had to rely on little more than their gut feeling when it came to laying down the best odds for betting.  Today, technology exists to analyze sports and horse racing down to the thinnest of margins -- making it possible to attract bets from all sides who think the line is a good return on an investment.  Three dimensional image profiling allows bookies to determine a player's precise ability to hit a ball, throw a football, or a horse's ability to close the distance in a race.  With better numbers to crunch, oddsmakers can predict the outcome of a game to a higher degree of accuracy, so that there's no shortage of winners off the field.

Digital Currency

Have a problem with getting the right amount of cash for a visit to the game store, or the right money if you visit another country?  It's no problem at all, provided that you have an Internet connection.  Digital currency like Bitcoin allows users to purchase digital playing chips or parlay bets of their choice without ever needing to think in dollars and cents.  Bitcoin is entirely digital, and stores have realized that offering games with Bitcoin-friendly betting means that there's no regulation and no risk: anyone can bet a Bitcoin in any country so long as there's WiFi to be had.  

Virtual Gaming

You can play roulette on a roulette table, but why not enjoy speeding up the game and playing with people on the other side of the globe?  Virtual gaming at a gaming zone allows gamers to connect with gambling enthusiasts in any place at any time simply by linking up to active camera networks and spinning the digital dice.  Since most game zones operate 24/7, it means that there's always a virtual game of craps or blackjack to sit in on, and the cards come much faster without a human taking the time to deal them.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Nokia Phablet - The Nokia Lumia 1520 - A 6 inch phablet from Nokia[Microsoft]

As Nokia has been bought by Microsoft recently, Microsoft has taken not much time in creating its own first smartphone. A smartphone which Nokia [Microsoft] had not revealed till date. Yes, that is the Nokia Phablet - a 6 inch phablet from Nokia [Microsoft].

Microsoft had publicized that it had bought Nokia just to make better smartphones in the world and there were some rumors dangling over the internet that Nokia [Microsoft] is working on several new smartphones and tablets of different sizes. And now, one this has been made sure that Nokia [Microsoft] is going to release the biggest smartphone it has ever released - Yes, it is the Nokia Phablet which would be a 6 inch phablet from Nokia [Microsoft].

EVLeaks - a twitter user who has a good name for leaking lots of smartphone and tablet images has now successfully managed to leak the New Nokia phablet which is the Nokia Lumia 1520.

 The new Nokia Phablet will be a Lumia Device and is expected to launch in this month itself.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Apple Working On 6 inch iPhone

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6 Inch iPhone

In the present generation, Smartphone manufacturer giants are working on various phablets. Companies like Samsung have released the Galaxy Note as a phablet, and Galaxy Note 3 is about to come. Sony has released the Xperia Z ultra and has also entered the phablet race. Like these, many other companies have released phablets but Apple?

If you are a iOS lover and you wanted a phone which would have the features of a tablet, in short a phablet   running on iOS then this news is definitely gonna amaze you. Almost all the big mobile phone manufacturers have released phablets and are getting good sale results. Till date Apple was lagging behind in releasing phablets but now, it might not be.

After the continuous noise of the Galaxy Note 3 buzzing around the internet, Apple has finally decided to work on a phone which would have a decent screen size. It would not be a tablet, it would not be a phone. It will be a phablet.

If you had felt that iPhone is too small for your business and an iPad is way too big and you wanted an apple product then now you might feel satisfied because apple is currently working on phones which would have a good screen size.

An American Newspaper - The Wall Street Journal, has reported that Apple is currently working on iPhones with different screen sizes ranging from screen size of 4.8 inch to a screen of 6 inch iPhone.

WSJ reported that the company was showing keen interest on creating iPhone Prototype which would have a screen size of 4.8 inch but due to the continuous production of phablets in the markets like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note and many other, Apple has finally decided to work on a smartphone which would be more like a 6 inch iPhone.

However the Wall Street Journal says that it is not sure whether Apple will ultimately choose to release the 6 inch iPhone but till now, apple has just worked on testing some 6 inch and 4.8 inch models. Above all, apple will only release the 6 inch iPhone only if it meets the Apple's Standards.

Above all, apple has called a press meet on September 10 which would give us all the information about the new 6 inch iPhone.

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sony Xperia Z1 Announced Along With The Sony DSC QX Lenses

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Xperia Z1

Sony, one of the world's biggest manufacturer of smartphones in the world has now undergone a major step in making a camera for a smartphone which could actually make up the world's best camera in a smartphone.

Sony on 4th September announced the new Sony Xperia Z1 which would have a camera of all big 20.7 Mega Pixels which could actually make up the world's best camera in a smartphone.

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Sony on Wednesday told the press that the Sony Xperia Z1 is gonna have the latest camera lens technology Sony has developed and told that the phone will be having the best camera than available in any other smartphone. Sony told that the 20.7 Mega Pixels camera in the Sony Xperia Z1 could actually click better quality photos than the 41 Megapixels camera in the new Nokia Lumia 1020.

While the camera is the main attraction of the Sony Xperia Z1, it is also a premium smartphone like all other Sony Xperia Z devices. The smartphone is said to have a 5 inches touch screen display with a Full HD screen resolution of 1020x1920 pixels. The phone is said to be having the world's fastest smartphone processor which is the Qualcomm s800 processor and which would accelerate the processing speed up to 2.1 Giga Hertz. Along with the Full HD display, the Sony Xperia Z1 is also said to get a Adreno 330 graphics chip which would deliver high quality graphics from the phone.

The Sony Xperia Z1 is said to have a RAM of 2 GB along with an internal memory of 16 GB. The memory of the Sony Xperia Z1 also can be increased by a micro SD card which would add as an addition to the 16 GB internal memory. On the outer side of the phone, it is said to get a aluminum and a glass body.

Just like all other Xperia Z devices, the Sony Xperia Z1 is also going to be dust-proof and water-proof. Above all, the phone is said to be runnion ond Android version 4.2.2 - An Even Sweeter Jelly Bean.

Sony said that the smartphone will be available in to the world in the coming weeks. However Sony has not released the price of this phone, it is said to be a bit costlier than the original Sony Xperia Z smartphone.

Sony DSC QX Additional Lenses

The newly released Sony's additional lens for smartphones is also compatible with this Sony Xperia Z1 smartphone. The Sony DSC QX 10 and the QX 100 lenses for smartphones is also said to be released along with this smartphones adding some more happiness to the users. The Sony DSC QX lenses would actually turn a smartphone camera into a super cool DSLR camera. For more information about the Sony DSC QX10 and the Sony DSC QZ 100 lenses, do check the following link:

Sony's introduction of the new lenses for camera has become a great move. Most of the users in the world use their smartphones to click photos and this new addition would now allow users to capture even better smartphones.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear or Apple iWatch ? Who Will Reveal the Smart WatchFirst ?

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Or The Apple iWatch?

The nano tech powered revolutionary Smart Watches have become the targets of all the major tech giants like Google, Apple and Samsung. The thought of installing a smartphone into just a small thing like a watch is first of all amazing. Above that installing Android or iOS in it is just mind blowing. Smart watches have become the trend changing gadget for all the mobile phone manufacturers which would become a gadget to do almost all what a smartphone can do and would fit on a wrist of a person's hand.
Smart Watches - Samsung Galaxy Gear

Few years ago, Sony became the first manufacturer to produce a Smart Watch. Though there were not much functions in the Sony smart watch, it could do what a normal user did in his phone. Sony smart watches though were not smart enough, became a gateway for the new generation smart watches.

Inspired by the Sony smart watches, now Google, Apple and Samsung have also made preparations to hop into the track of smart watches. Although Samsung has approached its final stages of launching its first smart watch, yet Google and Apple are not lagging behind. Google and Apple being silent doesn't mean that they are not manufacturing any smart watches. You might have also come across some news few months ago about some new and redefined smart watches by apple and also Google but a strange fact is that Google and apple are showing scarcely any interest in continuing their thought of developing smart watches.

Sony has already released its newer version of smart watch and it is said that Sony now is also in a verge to create a new generation smart watch which would be slimmer than the current Sony smart watch, lighter than the current Sony smart watch and better than the present Sony smart watch. Sony says that this time the new smart watch will be running on Android and will be much more powerful than the old ones. but a question remains whether the sales of the smart watches will increase rapidly or will be lagging behind however there is a new smart watch which is going to hit the markets soon. Yes, it is the Samsung Smart watch.

Samsung Smart Watch, that is the Samsung Galaxy Gear is the next smart watch which is going to be released. Defeating Google and Apple, Samsung has now taken its final steps in revealing its first smart watch - that is the grand new Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Today, Samsung is taking its final steps in releasing its Galaxy Gear. The new generation smart watch is on its way to hit the markets today itself. yes, just today Samsung is revealing its Galaxy Gear smart watch which might make a revolution in the era of Smart watches. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is very much awaited by everyone and now only the question remains whether the sales of smart watches will go on rise or not. Answers awaited even by us and you so, lets just wait and watch whether anything happens or not.

Read About the Samsung Galaxy Gear Over Here:

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nokia Bought By Microsoft! $7.2 Billion Deal


Nokia Bought By Microsoft

From few days there was some noise buzzing again and again over the internet that Microsoft is on a plan to buy and will microsoft will be able to make a deal with Nokia bla bla bla but now, that noise has now really turned into a reality. Yes, it is unbelievable but Nokia has been bought by Microsoft!

Microsoft on Tuesday (2nd september 2013) made a deal and bought Nokia for $7.17 billion as Microsoft decided to fight with the present tech giants Apple and Google. (Do you think Microsoft will succeed in defeating Google and Apple? Share your views in the comments.)

Microsoft's ride over Nokia handsets has now drawn a lot of interest of all the people in the world taking them on a thought whether Microsoft will be able to do well in Nokia Handsets sector. Will Microsoft will be able to succeed in making better smartphones now? Definitely Microsoft will be able to sell more smartphones now and definitely it might sell more smartphones than apple but really can it defeat Google Android? Everything remains a question and we need to wait to get the right answers for all your and our questions.

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However, it is said that Microsoft has already prepared a new smartphone device to be used on Nokia. No doubt the phones will be running on windows operating system, there is no update on the price of the new smartphone which Microsoft/Nokia will be releasing.

Anyways, all the details will be clear after Microsoft releases the smartphone to the markets. So, till then lets not bother about it.

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Monday, 2 September 2013

Samsung Smart Watch Can Click Photos And Send Email!


Samsung Smart Watch

You all might have heard that the tech giant Samsung is repeatedly working on its new project to create a smart watch, the Samsung Smart Watch! and now we have got some cool information which has really amazed all the techie geeks.. Yes, it is about the news that the new Samsung smart watch will be able to send email and click photos.

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Lots and lots of images are flying over the inter which spread lots of rumors among the people who see it. One among those was that the new Samsung smartwatch will be having the capability of sending email and clicking photos and now one video was released which showed that the new samsung smartwatch really had the capability of sending email and clicking photos which seemed to be really amazing. The video was not from Samsung so we did not feel it right to share it with you all, so we did not embed that video to this article. Sorry for that.

However this feature in the new Samsung Smart Watch seems to be really cool and looks like that by releasing Samsung smart watch, all the tech lovers in this world will be attracted towards Smart Watches. We expect that the sales of Samsung smart watches will increase rapidly just after the release of this Samsung smart watch. However the sales of the Sony smart watch might also rise due to Samsung's smart watch, there might also be chances that apple will also release a smart watch to catch up with the technology running int this world.

Above all, it is said that the battery life of Samsung smart watch is very pathetic. According to various sources, it is said that the Samsung smart watch lasts only for 10 hours which is damn too low because phones these days itself stay away for more than two days which include Sony's Stamina mode which extends battery life of Sony phones up to 8 days.

Anyways, we are receiving lots of information about various tech goodies which we will be sharing to you all. However we found this topic interesting to share so we did. And more yet to come. So do subscribe to our blog and get all the latest updates right into your email address.

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