Sunday, 29 May 2016

Modern Technology Means Your Business Should Always be Professional - Here's Why

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Modern technology has transformed the face of business. We know that the internet will change your business, and there are many ways in which it already has. So, you need to look the impacts this will have. It’s a great thing that technology is so prevalent, but it also means you need to be more aware as a business owner.
Information is Everywhere

Because of the way in which technology has developed these days information is everywhere. The Internet has transformed the way we access information. So, people can find out anything about you and your business simply by going online and looking. They can visit your website to learn more about you, and they will be able to look up any press stories about your brand. Because you’re always going to be under scrutiny, you need to make sure you remain professional and protect your reputation.
Everyone is Connected
These days the whole world is connected, and everyone can talk to everyone. Social media has transformed the way we communicate and interact as a society. And you have to understand that word of mouth spreads like wildfire. If one person has a bad experience with your products or services, and they post about it on social media, millions of people can read about it. Everyone is connected, and you want this to be good for your brand. You want service and positivity to spread. That’s why you must always make sure your company is professional and offers the best possible service.
People Can Find Out Your Number
You need to understand that people will be able to find out things like your phone number easily these days. There are loads of caller ID free services out there that people can use to look up phone numbers. That’s why you need to try to avoid cold calling if possible. People don’t take kindly to cold calls, and they will be able to find out it was your business that made them. You also need to try to make sure that you, and your employees, maintain a professional phone manner at all times.
Reputation is Mainstream

These days reputation is mainstream, especially in the business world. And, if your reputation is a negative one it’s almost impossible for you to recover. You have to think about this throughout your business dealings. Bringing media interest and attention to the brand is great provided it’s positive. Make sure you screen your employees thoroughly and that the business remains as ethical as possible. Because of the internet and smartphones, all businesses are under the microscope these days. Make sure you don’t allow that to be your undoing, and always remember the importance of reputation.
Modern technology can benefit your business so much, but you need to make sure you were professional. It’s important to understand the impact of modern technology and how much it can affect you. It can bring you closer to your customers, but it also puts you under more scrutiny as a brand. So you need to make sure you are always professional at all times.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Become an Entrepreneur Armed Only With a Laptop and iPhone!

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People think that launching a business is all about huge, sweeping offices and colossal machines. But, it is entirely possible to launch a business from your armchair. Sure, eventually you’re going to want to expand and watch your company grow globally. And then you will need to think about moving into an office. But, for now, you can be an entrepreneur from home with nothing but a laptop and iPhone.

It depends on a lot of what business you want to run, of course. But if you are clever to about it these are there only tools you will need at this stage. That’s the beauty of launching a startup in the digital era.  So, here are some great ways you can sustain your business as an entrepreneur with just these two pieces of tech.
Work on the Move

Everyone is so busy these days. There rarely seems to be time to do all the things we want to do. Life moves at breakneck speed, and you have to make sure every second counts. That’s why more and more business owners have taken to working on the move. The beauty of using a laptop and iPhone to run your company is that you can do it from anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a connection you can run your company. This is massively important and means that you can generate interest in the company and email clients any time of day or night. It means you can work around your life, and you’re not bound to one place all the time.

As a young and happenings entrepreneur of the modern age you’re probably pretty social media savvy. This is essential for any and all modern businesses because it’s free form of marketing. You’ve got to be able to promote and plug your brand all across the globe. And social media presents you with the best way of doing this. Set up a Twitter account and make sure you regularly Tweet about the company, and the offers you might have. Keep people updated about what’s going on with the business and try to generate as many followers as you can.

Direct Orders
Another wonderful thing about having your laptop and iPhone is you can take on direct orders. If you’re a graphic designer or architect, you can use the best CAD software to generate immaculate designs for clients. This helps keep them happy and ensures repeat business, and you don’t even have to leave the house to do it! How amazing is that?! In fact, you could even be on holidays, sat by a pool doing the work as long as you rely on your tech.
Starting down the path of being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be all about figures and office blocks. Sometimes it can be about working from home and utilizing the tools you’ve got. That’s how you can launch your own excellent business using just a phone and laptop. Technology is the present and the future of business and this shows how important it can be to your situation.


Saturday, 14 May 2016

6 Tech Solutions To Make Your Business All The More Convenient For Your Customers

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Convenience is at the heart of making a pleasant customer experience. The more trouble you can take off their end of the arrangement, the happier they’ll be. The drive-thru has to be one of the defining examples of that idea in action. The same can be said for the online side of the business too. If you want to make your services all the better for your customers, perhaps these ideas could help.

If your customers aren’t able to use your services, you can’t claim they’re all that convenient. That’s why you need to think about who’s likely to visit your site. The chances are that a lot of them are mobile users. For a start, make sure your site looks as good on mobiles and tablets as it does on a desktop. If you have an e-commerce operation, could it run more smoothly with the help of app developers?

Customer service

Whether you face to face or online, customer service matters. It can be the instigator of that warm fuzzy feeling that turns into brand loyalty. So make sure you’re focusing on it as much online as you would in life. Options like an on-site FAQ or even live chat can help you address your customer’s concerns. Make sure you keep your contact details easy to see as well. Nothing says ‘corporate robots’ quite like an obtuse ‘contact us’ page with no actual contact information.

The chances are that you won’t be able to match the prices of the bigger, older competition you have. Instead, focus on making your delivery system as efficient as possible. Get your deliveries organised by location and keep customers well informed of the process. They’ll be happy with the transparency.

Be ready to deal with it whenever wherever

We’re not recommending that you never take time for real life. However, just having the capacity to deal with an issue as it arises can make you a much more competent business owner. There are all kinds of mobile business software that can help you deal with things on the move. If an order gets stuck or a customer needs a question answered that only you can answer, you could be there for them.

You need to know more about your customers. You need to know what they’re after and what the best deals they can get is. Do your research and find your price comparisons. If you easily find that you’re outbid, then make sure you make your offer worth it. Include incentives for purchase, using loyalty schemes or vouchers for future purchases.

Accepting more payments

The platforms used to access your payments aren’t the only thought you need regarding ‘accessibility’. What about the methods your customers used to pay? Most companies are learning that they’re missing revenue through not accommodating credit cards. There are other methods to consider, too, like PayPal. In the future, it might even be pertinent for more businesses to look at digital currencies like BitCoins.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Tech Savvy Ways to Become an Entrepreneur This Year

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If you want to start a business of your own but don’t know what to do, consider these tech savvy options!

Design Websites

The need for talented web designers is growing not declining, so if this is something you can do or would like to do, why not think about becoming a professional? A lot of people start out by designing a website for themselves, and then a few friends ask you to make theirs. Before you know it, you’ve developed a whole portfolio of websites.

Then there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a professional website designer. You could start out working as a freelance, taking on projects one at a time. After a while though, you might want to think about setting up your own business and hiring a few other designers to come on board.

Create a Useful App

It’s not easy to create a successful app, but it is certainly possible. The technology is available to most of us, and if you have the time and inclination, you could make it big. The best apps tend to either be useful to people or a lot of fun to use. You first need to make a plan and decide which approach you’re going to take.

Make sure you think carefully about what would make people’s lives easier. Or think about how fun a gaming app is to play if you’re taking that path. If you have an idea but are not sure how to execute it, you could visit and see if they can help you out with what you need.


Sell Your Products

It won’t be long until online spending overtakes spending in the physical world. This shows how great and how fast the transition to e-commerce has been. 15 years ago virtually nobody had even heard the word ‘e-commerce’, but today, we all shop online without even thinking twice about it.

This means there remain great opportunities for people who are looking to start an online retail business. It’s one of the very easiest ways to start a business in the 21st century because most of us have the required skills, and the startup costs are very low. All you need is something to sell, a sales strategy, and a website.

Produce Videos

If your particular set of skills relates to making videos and editing them on your computer, this can also become a business idea. Everyone wants videos, and we remain even more captivated than ever by images and stories. This is exactly what a video can offer, and in a more digestible and appealing form than written words.

So, how can you make money from making videos? Well, you could start out by making promotional videos for business. Once you have a few successful commissions under your belt, the clients will start flooding in. And then in future you can progress in whichever direction you like. You could make music videos, carry on in the commercial realm, or try to make it in the film industry even.

With all the technology we have at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to become an entrepreneur.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

4 Tech Savvy Ways You Can Improve Your Marketing Setup

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There are still far too many business owners that don’t know how to harness the power of the internet and technology to benefit their business. Here are 4 essential tips to help you out.

1. Aim for Consistency Across Digital Assets

If you want to put forward your brand to the world, you need to make sure the message you’re delivering is a consistent one. You’ll only confuse your target customers if your message is muddled and inconsistent. It’s not easy being consistent when you have to juggle so many digital profiles and assets to juggle.

The online world is highly reliant on visuals, so the first thing to get right is your visual consistency. This can be helped by developing a strong brand logo and using it across every aspect of your online presence. Then people will associate that visual sign with your business. You should then get your tone right when it comes to communicating messages online.

2. Focus on Your Website

Your website should also be the focal point of your online marketing setup. If your website is below par, no amount of interesting marketing techniques will be able to save you. Make sure it has a clean, navigable design that can be accessed on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

Website optimization needs to be a priority for you as well. This means making sure your website ranks highly on search engines results pages. Keeping your website up to date active, as well as effectively using relevant keywords, will give you a good starting point. You can then get a professional involved if you want to advance the effectivity and optimization of your website further.


3. Find New Ways to Engage with Target Customers

When it comes to reaching out to your target customer, you first need to know exactly who your target customer is. Make a detailed customer profile, so that you can tailor your approach to that specific profile. This’ll make your approach much more focused and, therefore, effective.

Then you need to think about how you engage with your customers. Think through the entire customer journey, from start to finish. How does the customer first come into contact with your business online? And are there ways in which you can make the transition from introduction to sale simpler and swifter?

4. Produce Great Content

Producing online content can be a great way to get people visiting your website if you’re currently struggling to get people visiting in high numbers. If you start a blog or post regular videos online, more people will be likely to arrive on your website. This increases your brand awareness and makes sales more likely.

Your content needs to be good and thought through though. Keep SEO in mind when you’re writing your headings, and make them eye-catching. You should also make sure your content appeals to your target customer otherwise you’ll be attracting the wrong people to our website.

Good marketing techniques means good sales figures. So, make sure you start following these tips today.

Awesome Technology Your Business Needs Right Now

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It’s no secret that technology has been the driving force behind modern businesses. Heck, technology is the biggest business in the world. Most of the largest startups in the last decade have emerged from the technology sector. They continue to revolutionise the way we interact and do business. Technology drives forward at a phenomenal rate. These days it’s a case of get on board, or get left behind! With that in mind, we’re looking at some of the most important business technologies you need to embrace. Each of them will improve productivity, accountability and, ultimately, profits.
Data centers

As technology evolves and develops, so do the threats and risks. Hacking and data breach has become a serious concern for modern business. It’s such a new phenomenon and we’re struggling to adjust. However, one thing is certain, you must do everything possible to secure your data and the data of your customers. The answer here is a full-scale data centre. Every business is different, and it will require a data centre design company to help identify your needs. If you’re looking after customer bank details, addresses or web information, this is a necessity.

Cloud computing

We first heard whispers of cloud computing over a decade ago. It was predicted to change the world and, to an extent, it has. First of all, it adds extra security to backups, by storing information on a secure server. Secondly, it has increased productivity in a big way. Now, documents can be edited and amended online, without the need for hard copies. It is improving collaboration and efficiency in offices all over the world.

CRM software

If you deal with customers on a day-to-day basis, CRM software is vital. It will help you keep track of orders and information. It can trace problems and provide instant help when it comes to customer service. More importantly, it can store customer preferences and allow you to offer them a tailored service. The best companies are using these systems to personalise their service to each and every customer. It turns out, you can please everyone!

Accounting software

If you’re still adding up sums on a notepad, and hacking away at the calculator, it’s time for a change! Even if your accounts are all still tied up in Excel sheets, there is a better way. Accounting software can now help you lighten the load and automate your accounts. It will work with your other automated system and keep things in check. It’s cheaper and more efficient than hiring an accountant too.

Social media monitoring

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. It’s a fantastic way to connect with your customers and build a loyal community. However, it can get overwhelming. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and countless others. Tracking your engagement and analytics is exhausting without a good social media tracker.

There you have it, folks! How many of these awesome technologies is your business using? Let us know if any particular technology has changed your business for the better.

5 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Your Business

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The Internet of things is coming. While it won't be quite the same as the singularity event we are all looking forward to/dreading, it will have an enormous impact on everybody's life. We've all heard about how we can expect our fridges to do our shopping for us, but will it change things for businesses as well? Well, to an extent, it already is. Now that companies are getting more involved with cloud software and multi-platform devices, we are already well on our way. So, if you think this might affect your business shortly, read on.

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Leaner Businesses

As the Internet of Things grows, so will efficiency in the workplace. Instead of using dozens of machines, businesses will be able to find out which ones are worth keeping and which they should get rid of. Cloud technology will be the key to this, linking up devices in all areas of your business and identifying those that will become obsolete.

Increased Productivity

The IoT works by running accurate communications between different computers, equipment and machinery. That means that every single report generated will produce an opportunity to increase productivity. Every shift can be analysed to see what is working and what isn't, highlighting areas that need improving or ditching completely. This grasp of exactly what and where things are happening is vital. Bosses will be able to provide their employees with an environment that encourages them to be more productive at the right times.

Less Waste

All areas of any business can be monitored with the Internet of Things. That means that anything from refuse collection to the amount of printing can be analysed to come up with a more efficient solution. Let’s take print specialists Managed Print Services as an example. As a cloud-based service, they are on the front line of what is currently happening with Internet of Things. They say a more analytical and cloud-based approach can save many businesses a great deal of money. And, of course, it helps the environment, too.

Higher Security

Many businesses are exposed to security issues at the moment but tend not to be overly concerned. However, when they adopt an Internet of Things workflow, they will be even more exposed, and this will encourage them to look into their security as a priority. Eventually, this will benefit businesses - and their customers. This is especially important as consumers are feeling increasingly anxious about security issues. They worry about hackers and what they do with personal information. With more focus on the safety, the IoT will almost force businesses to adapt.

Quicker Reactions

The Internet of Things will allow businesses of all kinds to look at big data and take valuable information from it. Businesses will be able to pull things from any area of the business and react to market trends, analytics and any other time-sensitive data. Things will start to make more sense far quicker, and companies will be able to take more educated risks.

As you can see, there are plenty of areas that the Internet of Things will change. Mostly, they are for the better. But if you are going to embrace it, you will have to concentrate on that major security issue. We look forward to hearing your comments!