Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Interesting Facts About Cell Phone Users - Statistics

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This post shows about the present scenario of mobile users world wide and compares it with several interesting scenarios in different aspects.

Interesting Facts About Cell Phone Users. First lets see the reach of internet through mobile/cell phone and desktop. When we hear browsing , the thought of someone sitting in front of desktop with a keyboard in hand with browser used to come in our mind. The current scenario has totally changed. The internet traffic from mobile is rapidly increasing as compared to that of internet browsed via desktop.

As one can clearly see that The mobile web has been on the faster move than that of desktop web , It is predicted that , by 2014 the bandwidth / browsing arena of desktop will be succeeded by internet traffic from cell phones.   The no. of cell phone users is rapidly increasing because of its easy, cheap , convenient availability and so is the condition of smart phones. People using smartphones use GPRS , EDGE , 3G and Wifi service from their cell phone which has really helped this boost up in internet traffic through mobile.   We have a further more interesting details here.

If you clearly did not get it , I plotted the data from Forbes in pie chart which said that  said only 65 percent of population had toilet access in the world population whereas 85 percent of people in this world have access to cell phones.

See something interesting ? Yes, the number of people in this world with cell phone access outnumbers of number of people with toilet access. This shows how much people are into cell phones and how much they take it as a necessary part of life.

Even the most popular social media like Facebook brings more than 50 percent of traffic from cell phones. From statistics , it is seen that out of more than 1 Billion users 700 million users browse Facebook from their cell phones , that is obviously more than 50 percent.

In the world today , there are more than 4 Billion cell phones , which are playing very important role in making this world a virtual global village. And  cell phones were the first and foremost means to make this happen in today's world.

From the day of invention of telephone by Graham Bell to today's date,in the field of technology cell phone has always remained as a pioneer product. Different technologies have evolved with passage of time but the value importance of cell phone has not depreciated but it is reaching its peak as time is passing.

Cell phone is the only technology to sustain and hit the market simultaneously . Since the date of its invention, Its worth has never decreased. Even people who are deprived from Internet are using mobile phones to connect to world. So, the concept of globalization has been effectively implemented due to its rapid increment in usage.

Cell phones have been like boons from technology for developing countries where infrastructures for Internet has not been set up.

You can always read our blog for what new features are coming into cell phone technology.

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