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Project Loon By Google - How Balloons Can Change The World

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Hello all, First of all a warm welcome to our blog TechieWizards. As this is the second article which we are posting, we thought of giving you something very interesting for you to have a glance upon.
                 Project Loon By Google - How Balloons Can Change The World
The title might seem funny but in these days, this thing has become one of the most advanced technological thing which is being worked upon by Google. Just how you read it, This article is gonna show you how a simple Air Balloon is going to change the technology in the entire world. It seems impossible right? Wrong! You will understand after reading this.

Google is and has been always working on something fascinating in background than just being limited to a search engine. Be it Google Plus as a social connecting platform , Be it self driving car or Google glass , Google is always is interested in finding something new which will help make people's life easier and better. Here is a even newer concept about how balloons are going to be tomorrow's technology !


Here in our modern day world , Internet is readily available for all of us which allow us to easily access all the webpages over the net. If you are from USA or UK or in any other developed or developing country, accessing the internet is so easy for you but what is there for the other parts of the world?  For each person that can get online , there are two person who don't have online reach. Even In today's world of technology , one out of 3 kids do not get a chance to reach a higher secondary school. Majority of population is still deprived from basic health services.

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So , what if the kid who remains outcasted from mainstream education gets a chance to setup a virtual classroom and teach himself up? What if the people who cannot reach hospitals  can get to meet doctors as soon as they want to ? what if this is possible easily, efficiently ,cost-effectively ?

Yes, Balloons ,They are going to be cause of  change in current status of society ! Can you believe that !

With a theme of  "balloon powered internet for everyone" , Google has started 'Project Loon' . And some balloons flying 20 Km's up from the earth surface will be the most awaited and most amazing technology implementation for this whole decade.

How will it work ?

The balloons will serve as a media for data transfer , the more the number of balloons the faster the data transfer.

What is interesting is , at this height , direction of movement can be reversed just by lowering up or heightening a balloon. At this height of 20 km's from earth surface, the direction of wind readily reverses, due to which , it will be easier for balloons to float in either direction. The data is carried by loons themselves and for long distance transmission, when one loon hits the other gently, the data being carried by previous loon is transferred to next loon and hence forth data transfer will occur.

That's Fascinating ! So, when will I use Google loon specifically for my internet?

Google has already built prototype of  proposed model .  The test balloons have been already launched and the official real world implementation started on June 2013 .

Luckily , if you reside somewhere near New Zealand , you could apply for
a loon pilot ! Whoa! doesn't that sound interesting?
When It comes to you , You might as well get a chance to give a test ride to loon. Just stay calm and you are soon going to be fascinated by this amazing technology by the end of 2015.

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The technology might have high NRE (Non Recurring Engineering) cost, but is supposed to have very few unit production costs. Google, already being a pioneer in the world of technology will easily afford Research and Development cost and since the production per unit cost will be low, the prices being paid for internet and other forms of data transfers are supposed to be greatly reduced. If this idea comes actually into implementation, optical fibers might gradually go obsolete because of cheapness of "loon method" of data transfer.

So, this is the idea of the new Project Loom by Google. Wasn't that fascinating? We will keep on updating topics like these frequently. So do subscribe to our newsletter.

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