Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Some Simple Yet Most Wanted Wordpress Plugins

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Hello Friends, this time i have an article for my blogger friends throughout the world. As the title suggests, it is about the most wanted WordPress plugins.

In the present generation, the number of websites is increasing rapidly. People are interested in blogging than in any other job. And for blogging people either use WordPress or Blogger as a platform. For all those who use WordPress as their website's platform, i have got some essential plugins for their blog.

If you are using WordPress or if you have used it earlier, you might know that WordPress is just a piece of trash if it does not have any additional plugins. So for a successful blog, there must be some plugins which boost the website. Here, check out the plugins which i am providing you.

1> Akismet

Akismet is a comment moderation tool which automatically blocks spam comments to your WordPress blog. Over the internet, the number of spammers are more than the number of hard workers. Every blog gets lots of spam comments which is really very frustrating for the website owner to delete them one by one. So, akismet makes the task easy by automatically deleting all the spam comments and making your blogging life much easier.

2> WordPress SEO

What is the use of a blog if it does not get good number of visitors from Search engines like Google? The hisghest source of traffic to almost every blog in this world is from search engines so Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important task which needs to be done by a website admin. SEO is a very difficult job to be done manually so we can take the help of a plugin called "Wordpress SEO". Wordpress SEO is a highly customizable plugin which gives a boost to the rate of indexation of your website's posts in various search engines. You must not miss this plugin.

3> CommentLuv

Every blogger want his website to become a place for discussions. In simple words, he wants people to comment on his website.  Comments not only increases the rank of every website, it also makes it as favorite place of the websites visitors. According to a study by us, we saw that the number of comments on a website with CommentLuv plugin installed was way lot higher than comments in websites without the plugin. It is because the lack of interest from the users to comment as they don't get anything in return. So, commentluv automatically adds a link of their website along with the most recent post of their website. For this reason, people get attracted to your website and will start posting comments. Pretty good idea isn't it?

4> Sharethis

Sharethis is a WordPress plugin which adds share buttons to your website posts. Sharing is one of the best way to draw traffic to a blog and so, sharethis plugin not only adds share buttons, it also makes the website look better.

5> Jetpack By WordPress

Get all your website's statistics in your admin panel itself. Jetpack is a highly customizable plugin which shows you how many visitors you are getting daily along with the traffic sources and also the keywords. This plugin also shows you what all links are clicked from your website which also gives you a track of people's interests. Tracking the number of your website's visitors is also a main job for a website owner so this plugin makes it easy for you

So how are the wordpress plugins which i provided? Do you have them all?

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