Saturday, 27 July 2013

Welcome To Android 4.3 - Whats New?

Hello Everybody, As this is the first informative article in this blog of ours, we wanted to give you some great and the latest information. So I have planned this for you. Yes, it is the news about the New Android 4.3

In these days Android has become the most widely used operating system in the world. Android, developed by Google which was unveiled in 2007 has now emerged into its way from its first version Android 1.0 to its latest version update Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Interesting story huh? You will be amazed more after reading what all features are installed in the New Tastier and the Sweeter Jelly Bean.

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Android 4.3 - An Even Sweeter Jelly Bean

After a series of updates, Google made sure that there is something new in the update which made users very happy about the latest feature. In the same way, in this update, Google has also made sure that the users would be very happy after hearing about the latest update.

In this new update of android 4.3, Google has added an interesting feature which allows you to add new accounts/profiles to your phone along with an awesome feature of limiting the access of certain apps, Content and also Internet. Also included is a smart Bluetooth technology, the new Android 4.3 is accepting a whole big range of mobile apps. Now, lets dig all the features of the new Update in Detail.

So, What's New?

In the previous update of android which was Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, everyone felt that their phone has the best features and had thought that it might be one of the final update of Android Operating system but for the surprise of its users, Google has again introduced a new update. Let us see what new features are installed in this Smart and Sweeter Jelly Bean.

1> Simple Yet Way More Beautiful

The Android 4.3 has installed some new graphics. The interface is not only simple but also eye catching. The operating system looks very smart and for your surprise, you will really feel proud while using it.

2> MultiUser Support With Restricted Profile Feature

As a multi-User Support was a big request from its users, Google has also fulfilled it. Now you can create multiple accounts which can be for children or for others in your Android 4.3 tablet and you can also restrict the profiles to access certain apps and content only. Thanks for the feature of multitasking, switching profiles is just a matter of sliding your finders through the screen.

However, this feature is only available for tablets, it is worth trying.

3> Smart Bluetooth 

Now the Bluetooth technology is also enhanced. With the help of Smart Bluetooth technology, the phone consumes a very low amount of energy when compared to its previous version.

4> New World Of Protection

Privacy and User Security is the main goal of Google. So the new Android 4.3 comes with a whole new feature of multiple-layer security with an inbuilt Anti-Virus scanner. with the help of the inbuilt Anti-Virus scanner, your android phone will automatically scan all your content for any VIRUS providing you top level security every time.

5> Extended  Android 4.2

The new version Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is actually the extended version of the previous Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. The new update has got a whole new Google Search. Almost all the features are updated. The performance is increased providing you full time real android experience all the time.

So Friends, Enjoyed checkout the new features of the new Android 4.3? The Operating system is really splendid right? Yes. Google has done a great task by updating its android version. I really loved playing with it and i bet you will feel the same too.


  1. Thank you for give me new features of android 4.3 version

  2. Prasanna Mestha29 July 2013 at 00:23

    Happy To Help Kirit ^_^

  3. Hi, Prasanna
    Indeed, very informative post. Google Android 4.3 comes with lots of new features but I like smart Bluetooth the most. Thank You for sharing.