Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Google Device Manager - Locate Your Android [Soon]

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One of the best feature of Android is gonna hit all your smartphones very soon. The internet Big Boss Google has finally revealed that the much awaited Google Device Manager will be hitting the Google Play Store in the end of this month or early September.

The Google Device Manager is expected to be similar to all those third party applications which helps you in locating you phone but don't think that the Google Device Manager is gonna be the same copy of those third part apps. Remember, the Google Device Manager has got the name Google in it which clearly means that this feature is gonna rock in your smartphones.

The Google Device Manager will allow Android users to locate their Android smartphone easily and effortlessly. Unlike the third party apps which have the same feature to locate your Android smartphone, the Google Device Manager will be better integrated with lots of new features.

If you have accidentally misplaced your Android smartphone in your home or office, the Google Device Manager app would allow you to locate your phone which can be done by logging in to a web interface and then make your device ring at its loudest volume allowing you to find your phone very easily.

The device will also allow the Android users to locate their smartphone if it is misplaced or stolen away from your home or office. Using the Google Device Manager, one can simply open the Web Interface and the application helps you to pin point the exact position where your Android smartphone is located. Not just this, remember, the application is developed by Google. So, you can not only pin point the exact physical location of your Android smartphone but also secure all your confidential data if the phone has gone out of your reach.

Google has also revealed that all the Android devices running Android version 2.2 or above will be receiving a service application combo in the end of this month. The service application is expected to be free of cost but Google might charge a monthly or yearly fees which is still not released. All the details will be clearly described when the application will be finally released later this month. We just have to wait. If we receive any updates about this feature, will will be informing you immediately. So do keep visiting our blog frequently and get all the latest updates about everything.

Anyways guys, what do you think about the Google Device Manager? Do you think it is gonna fail? I straightly think that this application is gonna shine in every Android smartphone. Probably the sales of Android smartphones might also increase distinctly as one can be fearless about losing his phone. I had lost a phone earlier which was not an Android and sadly i had to lose it forever but now, it might not happen again because i am using Android and my phone along with the Google Device Manager, i don't even think there is any chance for me to lose my phone anywhere else again.

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