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Hackers Can Even Stop Your Heartbeat! - How? You Must Not Miss This!

Hackers Can Even Stop Your Heartbeat! - How? You Must Not Miss This!
The other term for Technology is change. Recently the Las Vegas got a chance to behold some fascinating technological changes, that could change today's trends. From breaking https encryption within 10 minutes to making a suitcase that takes metal coins and outputs bitcoin (digital currency) for you , It has a lot more fascinating stuffs inside. Here , We want to present some of inventions / Discoveries / Finding of insanely genius programmers/hackers , which were presented in Black Hat conference 2013 , Las Vegas USA .
1) You can hear other peoples conversation over phone :

As presented in Black Hat Forum ( , a device called femtocells, sold by network providers , which is worth less than $300 , hackers can easily intercept the calls made within its range , without even letting the users know about it. The mechanism is exactly like Man in the Middle attack in networks , i.e. the entire traffic which should go through cell tower first passes through this femtocell , a device like signal booster provided by cell phone companies to its subscribers.

2) One can Destroy power plants,which are monitored with the help of wireless :

As presented in Black Hat Forum ( , an unauthorized person can not only insert false alarming values about level of fuel and such sensitive data. Within the region of 40 miles , the demonstration of remotely accessing a power plant with the help of radio frequency transceivers is going to be shown in the black hat conference.

3) Hackers can stop your heartbeat :

More than 350 thousands pacemakers and 2 million ICD have been recorded to be implanted in US . Bernaby Jack , a security researcher is going to demonstrate security shortcomings in current protocol .  It could be a deadly cyber attack with a malicious person  within range of 30m. being able to shut the heart beat of anyone who uses pacemaker.

Jack , unfortunately passed away the previous week , prior to his presentation about this discovery of him. However another security analyst Ray, who has been working Jack in this field of "human hacking" is still working on how this could really happen.

4) You might get hacked while driving too:

Actually your car could stop all of a sudden , break may fail  , and all form of power may go off when you are inside it.  Vehicles without driver , the proposed model , is even more susceptible to this kind of attack.

You can see more of what a hacker could control as in the picture:

So, wasn't that fascinating? There are a lot more topics yet to be explored in this field. Hackers these days are also finding out ways to take over the world. Recently, a Black Hat Hacker had successfully managed to find out a way to hack almost every SIM cards in this world. Though he revealed it to the network operators, it shows that everything in this world can be hacked. Hackers are becoming more intelligent and now, even the developers have to become more intelligent so that hacking can be prevented. Anyways, this post showed you just a small snip of what hackers could really do.

By the way, we will keep you updated about all the interesting things over the net. Till then, Take Care


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