Thursday, 1 August 2013

How to Get Alexa Rank Very Fast?

Ever Heard About Alexa Rank? If you are a webmaster or a blogger, you must have definitely heard about it. Well, anyways, here i am gonna tell you what is alexa rank, whats its importance and also how to get a rank very fast. However, i will be sharing some tricks on how to increase the alexa rank of your website very fast in few days, but for now, lets me tell you about Alexa Rank.

What Is Alexa Rank?

Alexa ( is a website which ranks all the websites in the world on the basis of its popularity and also by the number of visitors. So now you might easily guess what alexa rank is. Right? Yes. Alexa rank is nothing but a rank given to a website by Alexa ( Almost every good website in this world has got a rank given by alexa. Even all the newly created websites get a rank but it takes a lot of time for a new website to get a rank. So, how to get alexa rank to your website very fast? Check down but before discussing about that, let me tell you how importance alexa rank is.

What Is The Importance Of Alexa Rank?

Yes, what is the use of this mere alexa rank? Do you think it is useless? If you think it is useless then sorry to say because you are Wrong! Just like the Google Pagerank (If you don't know about Google Pagerank, we will also write an article about it in few days), Alexa Rank is of very great importance.

Actually, alexa rank is not considered to be useful if you are not having any intention to earn any money from your website. But who is not interested in making money :D ? The main reason why people create and manage blogs is to earn some money which makes it as a part-time job. So, alexa rank is very useful. Usually, when people visit your website or when people look forward to advertise on or buy your website, they first check your website's alexa rank and your Google Pagerank. Alexa rank also gives a user a rough idea about a website's traffic rate. As people like to buy or advertise on those websites which get good number of visitors, alexa rank really become very important to every blogger.

How To Get Alexa Rank Very Fast?

So now you know what is alexa rank and also its importance. So now lets check out how to get alexa rank very fast. Before i tell you how to get alexa rank very fast, i want to ask you a question. If you want to buy anything from a shop, what will you do? Simple: You will directly go to the shop and ask the shopkeeper to give that thing to you isn't it? Yes. And in the same way, to get alexa rank very fast, you will have to ask Alexa to index your website. Amazed? So how can this be done? Simple again: Just move on to and register over there. Then just move to add websites section and claim your website. Within few hours your website will get a Alexa rank. Was so simple isn't it? Yes, that's the shortest way to get alexa rank to any website.

After getting a alexa rank, the next task is to increase the rank. I will also tell you how to increase alexa rank very easily within few days.

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