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How to get Bitcoins? How To Earn Through Bitcoins?

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How to get Bitcoins? How To Earn Through Bitcoins?

You might have heard of digital currency before right? Yes, there are many online payment gateways prevailing in the entire online market. Sometimes you might have also seen "pay with bitcoin" option somewhere right? . You might be wondering what is it and what kind of gateway is it.  Are you a bitConfused about what is this thing and how can you actually earn or get it ? Here We present a little about its usage and market status of bitcoin.

Bitcoins = A bitConfusing thing ?  No more

Bitcoin is digital currency (and yes , it exists physically ) .  Similar to paypal , It has a dashboard . You can create your bitcoin wallet over here . This will give you a feature somewhat like paypal , with which , you can send , recieve and manage your payment .

So , you must be thinking , there were already lots of payment gateways available. Why again a new one ?
The first and foremost reason for using bitcoins is for trading online safely , securely and anonymously. You just need yor bitcoin address, which is a hash, unique for every users, for someone to be able to send money to you. In some online markets bitcoin is only payment gateway available , which might be another reason , you want to acquire some bitcoins. Money can be sent online peer to peer using desktop based wallet software or online service like the one I mentioned above .

Here is a snapshot of dashboard :

And , it goes even more interesting when you know that you can earn bitcoins simply using your Computer's GPU and CPU.
There are two ways of getting bitcoins

1) You spend your hard earned money to buy them from someone who already has them

2)You let your CPU to be used for complex mathematical calculation , for solving which , you will be reward a very small fraction of bitcoin.

With the first method , It is a lot easier to get bitcoin if you compare the time and effort with the second method of getting bitcoin. Only one computer which solves the problem quickest gets the very little fraction of bitcoin.

For the first method you might think of and for the second method you just need an account in You can go there and click on "generate " button. Now, even you can ask your friends to keep a tab opened for you to earn bitcoin. You can use as many computers as you like to generate bitcoin simultaenously.

Not only this , the concept of crowdsourced earning has developed in bitcoin mining , too . Once can simply embed a header in one's website and can make the visitors earn bitcoin for the website owner. This process is automatic and user just needs to enable java in his browser. One doesn't even need to confirm that they are willing to earn for you. The embeddable script can be found at , which you need to paste in the page you are willing to.

So, wanna get started with it ? Just register in bitcoinplus and trade it or mine it,to get coins.


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