Saturday, 10 August 2013

How To Get Google Authorship Fast [In 2 Days] - A Quick Guide

Ever wondered how to get Google Authorship fast? We have a solution.

Google, the Internet Big Boss has lots of concerns for bloggers. So it has created lots of programs in order to help web bloggers to develop their blogs. The programs include Google Analytics, Google Authorship, Google Webmaster Central, etc.

We have already discussed about Google Analytics earlier (you can find it over here: What Is Google Analytics? How To Set It Up?)  so now lets simply move on to see what is Google Authorship, How it benefits a webmaster and also How To get Google Authorship Fast.

Sometimes, when you have searched for something (like "techie wizards") in Google, you might have seen that an image appears before linking to particular website (like This is the effect of Google Authorship.

Google Authorship is an online website verification program created by Google which allows a blogger to link his Google Plus account to his Blog. And the image displayed in the search results is the image of the Google Plus profile of the website owner. Simple right? Yes. And just like this, getting your photograph in Google Search results is also very simple. Let us see how it is possible.

Before learning how to get Google Authorship, lets first check what all benefits we get by getting Google Authorship.


First and foremost, the main benefit of Google Authorship is that your website gets verified. Verification is something very important for every website or blog so that Google can develop trust on you and also your account.

Authorship = Trust = Increased Traffic

Yes, as you get Google Authorship, your website is actually getting a better position in Google Search. Better position means better indexation of pages and better indexation of pages definitely means that you get hell lot of traffic to your website. Whats more important than getting more traffic?

Not only this, Google Authorship also gives you higher rankings. As a co-incidence, your Google Pagerank as well as your Alexa rank increases very quickly.

These were the benefits of Google Authorship and now, let us move on to getting Google Authorship.

Getting Google Authorship

Now how to get this Google Authorship? As I told you, it is really simple. See.

In order to get your profile photo shown in Google Search results of your blog/website, or simply to get Google Authorship, all what you need is a website/blog and a Google Plus account. Then just link your website to your Google Plus account and in your Google Plus profile add your hob as  CEO of your website. Then like magic, your website gets Verified and you get Google Authorship. Simple!

So how to link your website to your Google Plus account? Simple again. Just add the following three links before the closing of the <head> tag of your website/blog.
<link href="" rel="author" target="_blank"></link>
<link href="" rel="me"></link>
<link href="" rel="publisher"></link>

Here, change to your Google Plus profile link.

Now after you have done this,go ahead to your Google Plus profile and move on to edit profile section. There add your employment as the CEO of Your Website like this.

Now after you have done this, you just have to wait. As i said, this is a quick guide so waiting time is just two days. Actually, you will get Google Authorship in just one day. Two days is maximum time which Google takes to verify your website. Interesting huh? Yes. Some people might have used some common methods which would take them more than one week to achieve Google Authorship but we are Wizards, Techie Wizards, We make everything simple ;) .

For any queries and problems, do leave a comment. We are always happy to help.

Thank You.


  1. you are right this method is useful.if u are the only one to maintain the site what about your authors in your site?

  2. i'm the founder, not the only author Lakshman. We have few other authors too.

  3. Hi,

    Nice article. It was really useful. Even I want to get this Google Authorship. Now Im gonna try the coding which you have given.

    Getting Google Authorship will help in trust, authority and also help in increasing our search engine ranking.

    Let me try it and see.