Monday, 5 August 2013

How To Save A Wet Phone?

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In the present generation, Technology has developed to a very great extent. One of the major technological success in this world is the introduction of Cell Phones. According to the study which we made (described over here [interesting Facts About Cell Phone Users]), the number of people who have access to cell phones is way more than the number of people who have access to the toilets. Unbelievable isn't it? Yes, but believe it!

As the number of cell phones have increased, cell phone accidents have become very common these days. Common cell phone accidents include dropping of cell phones either on land or water, virus attacks, and also melting of circuits due to high temperatures. But the most common accident is the dropping of cellphones, especially in water. So now lets see how we cold possibly save a wet phone.

Before i tell you how to save a wet phone, i would like to ask you a question. Did you ever drop your phone into water before? Or, did your phone accidentally get into your washing machine or did it soak in rain? If YES, then you should read this post carefully. If NO, then you must read this post VERY CAREFULLY in order to save your phone from future water accidents.

Now lets come back to the topic. Lets now see how we can save a wet cell phone. Here are some steps.


1> Get the phone out of water as soon as possible. Remember, not all phone are resistant to water so even a few seconds of delay can simply kill your valuable cell phone.

2> Remove the battery of the phone as soon as you get your hands on it. It will prevent short circuit and might help your phone to recover the accident. Do not switch it on immediately.

3> Remove the SIM card in order to prevent the loss of contacts and also the damaging of the SIM card. It is actually very good move because by reissuing your damaged SIM card, you will not be able to recover your contacts.

4> After following following the steps 1,2 and 3, Now its time for you to check whether your phone is damaged or not. This can be done by simply removing the back cover and the battery. You can see that there is a small circle or square colored white. This is common in most of the phones in these days. If you can see that the square or the circle is still white, you can be relieved that water has not entered the chipset of your phone but if there is a red or pink colored lines on it, it means that water has entered the phone's circuit.

5> Use some good absorbents like cloth or tissue paper in order to extract water from your wet cell phone. It would be a wise move if you don't move your phone or shake it  because water might also enter into the phone's sensitive areas and cause damage. Absorbing water from the phone from clothes or tissue paper can remove water from your phone by 30 percentage.

6> Now allow your phone to dry. It would be the best if you dry your phone in direct sunlight for a few hours. It would be great if you dry your phone for two days. Now you can switch on your cell phone.

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