Thursday, 8 August 2013

HTC Fetch - Tracking device from HTC

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Did you ever feel that you needed a device which could tell you where you had kept your key or something else which is very important. Till date nothing such was available  or if available was not so attractive or felt unworthy to be used but now HTC has a solution. Yes it is true, it is the HTC Fetch.

So what actually is this HTC Fetch? How to use it? How does it work? What is its price??? Do not worry we'll tell you.

The HTC Fetch is nothing more than a bluetooth enabled key fob which enables users to locate their keys or other things to which it is attached.

How to use it?

1) Attach the HTC Fetch to a key or any other thing which you want to keep track of.

2) Next pair the HTC Fetch with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

And now you have successfully have track of your belongings.

How Does it work ?

Assume the HTC Fetch is attached to something, for example a car key, whenever the car key goes beyond a distance of 15 meters from the smartphone it will make an audible sound and the last known location of the car key and also the smartphone will be recorded on Google maps by the smartphone. And if it is within a range of 15 meter but you do not know where your car key is, then you can manually activate the tone with the help of your smartphone or find its location via Google maps.

What if the smartphone is lost?

Incredibly the HTC Fetch has a solution for this also. as said if the smartphone goes beyond a distance of 15 metre the last known location of the smartphone and the HTC Fetch will be recorded on Google maps and the smartphone can be tracked or it can even remotely take pictures from the smartphone if it is within its range that is 15 metres and the photos can be uploaded online from where the user can identify the location of the smartphone.

What is the Price?

The HTC Fetch is not officially launched but is available for pre-order in UK via at a price tag of £24.99 which is equal to almost $35.


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