Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Thinking Of Mobile With Android? Here Are Some Cool Phone OperatingSystem

These days , whenever you think of a smartphone, you think of iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4, in general, everyone are referring to either IOS or mobile with android operating system. But Market already has some phones which might be able to win people's heart and get established in the market soon.

In today's market of US smartphone in 2013 however , 40 percent of market is covered by android phones following 51 percent market share of Iphones, showing that user have been more interested in android mobile phones recently. And the trend changer might be one of operating systems below.

Here are some of cool operating systems , which needs a glance before you go to buy a mobile phone.

1) Windows Phone 8

Microsoft's windows 8 phone expects to grab the third position in global market after IOS and android phones. Good reviews from system analysts, mass production of windows phone OS by Samsung and huawei have provided additional point in its publicity. The collaboration with other wings of Microsoft like outlook and skydrive will help windows phone users a lot . They 10 developers have been focusing in special features like wireless chargeable phones, etc.

 2)  BlackBerry 10

R.I.M.'s blackberry 10 is an equally potential competitor for the third place in mobile OS. Launched in January 30 , 2013 , with touch-centric features, easy card interfacing makes it a convenient and lucrative choice for users.

3) Firefox OS

This OS has been able to grab attention of market recently with the release scheduled in 2013 in Brazil. This is an OS with new kind of interface with every of its application based on web apps and taking help of web development languages like HTML5 and javascript.

This OS has been primarily desgined for short-lived smart phones. With the main target as eastern Europe and Western America and developed country , Firfox OS is officially going to be launched in venture with Sony, which is already a pioneer name in cell phone production.

4) Ubuntu Phone

Canonical's ubuntu phone is also one of most awaited mobile Operating System. Using it in one's desktop and even in tablets have made people expect it in cell phones , too.

Check out a video :

In 2014 , with galaxy nexus , canonical has prepared to launch its official cell phone version of its Operating System. Unlike Iphone's App Store and Google app store , ubuntu phone will be relaesed without such official repository due to its support with html4 and compatibility with web application.

5) Tizen

Tizen 2.0  , based upon open source linux platform , and intel processor and in collaboration with Bada OS of samsung ( native OS developed by samsung is Bada) is supposed to be released at end of july next year. This will have support for native applications as well as support for HTML5 based applications, which makes it potential leader of tomorrow 's cell phones operating system.

6) Jolla

Joll is a almost a  worn-out company which was once opened by Nokia's former employees. It once released Migo Operating system for smartphones, but due to lack of marketing techniques and platform, it was ruled out of competition . But it is going to be back with its official new release within this year again.

So, these were some of options , you might want to have a look ,into ,before you go and "rush out" to buy a mobile with android. However android is recommended for gaming and daily usage, an extra smartphone is always better isn't it?

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  1. Great line up, I think in the future-very near future Android will be neck and neck if not dominating the IOS markets and the blackberry OS will be your Grams device. Like your post, keep working hard my friend.