Saturday, 7 September 2013

Apple Working On 6 inch iPhone

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6 Inch iPhone

In the present generation, Smartphone manufacturer giants are working on various phablets. Companies like Samsung have released the Galaxy Note as a phablet, and Galaxy Note 3 is about to come. Sony has released the Xperia Z ultra and has also entered the phablet race. Like these, many other companies have released phablets but Apple?

If you are a iOS lover and you wanted a phone which would have the features of a tablet, in short a phablet   running on iOS then this news is definitely gonna amaze you. Almost all the big mobile phone manufacturers have released phablets and are getting good sale results. Till date Apple was lagging behind in releasing phablets but now, it might not be.

After the continuous noise of the Galaxy Note 3 buzzing around the internet, Apple has finally decided to work on a phone which would have a decent screen size. It would not be a tablet, it would not be a phone. It will be a phablet.

If you had felt that iPhone is too small for your business and an iPad is way too big and you wanted an apple product then now you might feel satisfied because apple is currently working on phones which would have a good screen size.

An American Newspaper - The Wall Street Journal, has reported that Apple is currently working on iPhones with different screen sizes ranging from screen size of 4.8 inch to a screen of 6 inch iPhone.

WSJ reported that the company was showing keen interest on creating iPhone Prototype which would have a screen size of 4.8 inch but due to the continuous production of phablets in the markets like the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note and many other, Apple has finally decided to work on a smartphone which would be more like a 6 inch iPhone.

However the Wall Street Journal says that it is not sure whether Apple will ultimately choose to release the 6 inch iPhone but till now, apple has just worked on testing some 6 inch and 4.8 inch models. Above all, apple will only release the 6 inch iPhone only if it meets the Apple's Standards.

Above all, apple has called a press meet on September 10 which would give us all the information about the new 6 inch iPhone.

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