Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Nokia Bought By Microsoft! $7.2 Billion Deal


Nokia Bought By Microsoft

From few days there was some noise buzzing again and again over the internet that Microsoft is on a plan to buy and will microsoft will be able to make a deal with Nokia bla bla bla but now, that noise has now really turned into a reality. Yes, it is unbelievable but Nokia has been bought by Microsoft!

Microsoft on Tuesday (2nd september 2013) made a deal and bought Nokia for $7.17 billion as Microsoft decided to fight with the present tech giants Apple and Google. (Do you think Microsoft will succeed in defeating Google and Apple? Share your views in the comments.)

Microsoft's ride over Nokia handsets has now drawn a lot of interest of all the people in the world taking them on a thought whether Microsoft will be able to do well in Nokia Handsets sector. Will Microsoft will be able to succeed in making better smartphones now? Definitely Microsoft will be able to sell more smartphones now and definitely it might sell more smartphones than apple but really can it defeat Google Android? Everything remains a question and we need to wait to get the right answers for all your and our questions.

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However, it is said that Microsoft has already prepared a new smartphone device to be used on Nokia. No doubt the phones will be running on windows operating system, there is no update on the price of the new smartphone which Microsoft/Nokia will be releasing.

Anyways, all the details will be clear after Microsoft releases the smartphone to the markets. So, till then lets not bother about it.

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  1. Let Nokia get even better in the hands of Microsoft.
    Its definetly gonna be a new era for Nokia lovers

  2. RIP NOkia. Soon you wil have to instalu make drivers before you make a call in nokia :'(