Sunday, 8 September 2013

Nokia Phablet - The Nokia Lumia 1520 - A 6 inch phablet from Nokia[Microsoft]

As Nokia has been bought by Microsoft recently, Microsoft has taken not much time in creating its own first smartphone. A smartphone which Nokia [Microsoft] had not revealed till date. Yes, that is the Nokia Phablet - a 6 inch phablet from Nokia [Microsoft].

Microsoft had publicized that it had bought Nokia just to make better smartphones in the world and there were some rumors dangling over the internet that Nokia [Microsoft] is working on several new smartphones and tablets of different sizes. And now, one this has been made sure that Nokia [Microsoft] is going to release the biggest smartphone it has ever released - Yes, it is the Nokia Phablet which would be a 6 inch phablet from Nokia [Microsoft].

EVLeaks - a twitter user who has a good name for leaking lots of smartphone and tablet images has now successfully managed to leak the New Nokia phablet which is the Nokia Lumia 1520.

 The new Nokia Phablet will be a Lumia Device and is expected to launch in this month itself.