Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear or Apple iWatch ? Who Will Reveal the Smart WatchFirst ?

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Or The Apple iWatch?

The nano tech powered revolutionary Smart Watches have become the targets of all the major tech giants like Google, Apple and Samsung. The thought of installing a smartphone into just a small thing like a watch is first of all amazing. Above that installing Android or iOS in it is just mind blowing. Smart watches have become the trend changing gadget for all the mobile phone manufacturers which would become a gadget to do almost all what a smartphone can do and would fit on a wrist of a person's hand.
Smart Watches - Samsung Galaxy Gear

Few years ago, Sony became the first manufacturer to produce a Smart Watch. Though there were not much functions in the Sony smart watch, it could do what a normal user did in his phone. Sony smart watches though were not smart enough, became a gateway for the new generation smart watches.

Inspired by the Sony smart watches, now Google, Apple and Samsung have also made preparations to hop into the track of smart watches. Although Samsung has approached its final stages of launching its first smart watch, yet Google and Apple are not lagging behind. Google and Apple being silent doesn't mean that they are not manufacturing any smart watches. You might have also come across some news few months ago about some new and redefined smart watches by apple and also Google but a strange fact is that Google and apple are showing scarcely any interest in continuing their thought of developing smart watches.

Sony has already released its newer version of smart watch and it is said that Sony now is also in a verge to create a new generation smart watch which would be slimmer than the current Sony smart watch, lighter than the current Sony smart watch and better than the present Sony smart watch. Sony says that this time the new smart watch will be running on Android and will be much more powerful than the old ones. but a question remains whether the sales of the smart watches will increase rapidly or will be lagging behind however there is a new smart watch which is going to hit the markets soon. Yes, it is the Samsung Smart watch.

Samsung Smart Watch, that is the Samsung Galaxy Gear is the next smart watch which is going to be released. Defeating Google and Apple, Samsung has now taken its final steps in revealing its first smart watch - that is the grand new Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Today, Samsung is taking its final steps in releasing its Galaxy Gear. The new generation smart watch is on its way to hit the markets today itself. yes, just today Samsung is revealing its Galaxy Gear smart watch which might make a revolution in the era of Smart watches. The Samsung Galaxy Gear is very much awaited by everyone and now only the question remains whether the sales of smart watches will go on rise or not. Answers awaited even by us and you so, lets just wait and watch whether anything happens or not.

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