Monday, 2 September 2013

Samsung Smart Watch Can Click Photos And Send Email!


Samsung Smart Watch

You all might have heard that the tech giant Samsung is repeatedly working on its new project to create a smart watch, the Samsung Smart Watch! and now we have got some cool information which has really amazed all the techie geeks.. Yes, it is about the news that the new Samsung smart watch will be able to send email and click photos.

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Lots and lots of images are flying over the inter which spread lots of rumors among the people who see it. One among those was that the new Samsung smartwatch will be having the capability of sending email and clicking photos and now one video was released which showed that the new samsung smartwatch really had the capability of sending email and clicking photos which seemed to be really amazing. The video was not from Samsung so we did not feel it right to share it with you all, so we did not embed that video to this article. Sorry for that.

However this feature in the new Samsung Smart Watch seems to be really cool and looks like that by releasing Samsung smart watch, all the tech lovers in this world will be attracted towards Smart Watches. We expect that the sales of Samsung smart watches will increase rapidly just after the release of this Samsung smart watch. However the sales of the Sony smart watch might also rise due to Samsung's smart watch, there might also be chances that apple will also release a smart watch to catch up with the technology running int this world.

Above all, it is said that the battery life of Samsung smart watch is very pathetic. According to various sources, it is said that the Samsung smart watch lasts only for 10 hours which is damn too low because phones these days itself stay away for more than two days which include Sony's Stamina mode which extends battery life of Sony phones up to 8 days.

Anyways, we are receiving lots of information about various tech goodies which we will be sharing to you all. However we found this topic interesting to share so we did. And more yet to come. So do subscribe to our blog and get all the latest updates right into your email address.

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  1. OK I think this smart watch thing is a passing fad and will soon be over, I find Google glass to be a more glamorous prospect as it may be ahead of its time but that's where tech is going augmented realty, again thanks for the development in smart watch tech.

  2. Google Glasses are not much useful. Really troubles my eyes while i'm driving.