Thursday, 14 May 2015

5 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Your Business

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The Internet of things is coming. While it won't be quite the same as the singularity event we are all looking forward to/dreading, it will have an enormous impact on everybody's life. We've all heard about how we can expect our fridges to do our shopping for us, but will it change things for businesses as well? Well, to an extent, it already is. Now that companies are getting more involved with cloud software and multi-platform devices, we are already well on our way. So, if you think this might affect your business shortly, read on.

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Leaner Businesses

As the Internet of Things grows, so will efficiency in the workplace. Instead of using dozens of machines, businesses will be able to find out which ones are worth keeping and which they should get rid of. Cloud technology will be the key to this, linking up devices in all areas of your business and identifying those that will become obsolete.

Increased Productivity

The IoT works by running accurate communications between different computers, equipment and machinery. That means that every single report generated will produce an opportunity to increase productivity. Every shift can be analysed to see what is working and what isn't, highlighting areas that need improving or ditching completely. This grasp of exactly what and where things are happening is vital. Bosses will be able to provide their employees with an environment that encourages them to be more productive at the right times.

Less Waste

All areas of any business can be monitored with the Internet of Things. That means that anything from refuse collection to the amount of printing can be analysed to come up with a more efficient solution. Let’s take print specialists Managed Print Services as an example. As a cloud-based service, they are on the front line of what is currently happening with Internet of Things. They say a more analytical and cloud-based approach can save many businesses a great deal of money. And, of course, it helps the environment, too.

Higher Security

Many businesses are exposed to security issues at the moment but tend not to be overly concerned. However, when they adopt an Internet of Things workflow, they will be even more exposed, and this will encourage them to look into their security as a priority. Eventually, this will benefit businesses - and their customers. This is especially important as consumers are feeling increasingly anxious about security issues. They worry about hackers and what they do with personal information. With more focus on the safety, the IoT will almost force businesses to adapt.

Quicker Reactions

The Internet of Things will allow businesses of all kinds to look at big data and take valuable information from it. Businesses will be able to pull things from any area of the business and react to market trends, analytics and any other time-sensitive data. Things will start to make more sense far quicker, and companies will be able to take more educated risks.

As you can see, there are plenty of areas that the Internet of Things will change. Mostly, they are for the better. But if you are going to embrace it, you will have to concentrate on that major security issue. We look forward to hearing your comments!


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