Thursday, 14 May 2015

Awesome Technology Your Business Needs Right Now

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It’s no secret that technology has been the driving force behind modern businesses. Heck, technology is the biggest business in the world. Most of the largest startups in the last decade have emerged from the technology sector. They continue to revolutionise the way we interact and do business. Technology drives forward at a phenomenal rate. These days it’s a case of get on board, or get left behind! With that in mind, we’re looking at some of the most important business technologies you need to embrace. Each of them will improve productivity, accountability and, ultimately, profits.
Data centers

As technology evolves and develops, so do the threats and risks. Hacking and data breach has become a serious concern for modern business. It’s such a new phenomenon and we’re struggling to adjust. However, one thing is certain, you must do everything possible to secure your data and the data of your customers. The answer here is a full-scale data centre. Every business is different, and it will require a data centre design company to help identify your needs. If you’re looking after customer bank details, addresses or web information, this is a necessity.

Cloud computing

We first heard whispers of cloud computing over a decade ago. It was predicted to change the world and, to an extent, it has. First of all, it adds extra security to backups, by storing information on a secure server. Secondly, it has increased productivity in a big way. Now, documents can be edited and amended online, without the need for hard copies. It is improving collaboration and efficiency in offices all over the world.

CRM software

If you deal with customers on a day-to-day basis, CRM software is vital. It will help you keep track of orders and information. It can trace problems and provide instant help when it comes to customer service. More importantly, it can store customer preferences and allow you to offer them a tailored service. The best companies are using these systems to personalise their service to each and every customer. It turns out, you can please everyone!

Accounting software

If you’re still adding up sums on a notepad, and hacking away at the calculator, it’s time for a change! Even if your accounts are all still tied up in Excel sheets, there is a better way. Accounting software can now help you lighten the load and automate your accounts. It will work with your other automated system and keep things in check. It’s cheaper and more efficient than hiring an accountant too.

Social media monitoring

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. It’s a fantastic way to connect with your customers and build a loyal community. However, it can get overwhelming. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and countless others. Tracking your engagement and analytics is exhausting without a good social media tracker.

There you have it, folks! How many of these awesome technologies is your business using? Let us know if any particular technology has changed your business for the better.


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