Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Best Travel Tech On The Planet

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Whether it’s business or pleasure, you should never travel without technology. It may help while away those long hours in the airport or on the plane. More practically, they may help you navigate or communicate in a new country. They might speed up the boarding process at the airport, or just make everything a little smoother. We all love to travel and explore new places. But, the traveling itself can be exhausting. Make it a little easier with these awesome travel technologies.

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Airport Express

There’s nothing worse than your laptop or phone running out of juice. Especially just before a big flight! Apple’s new Airport Express is a fantastic little tool that makes sure it never happens again. It plugs in, like a regular charger, but has three different outputs. One to charge a phone, one to charge your laptop and one for an Ethernet internet connection. The plug itself has an onboard Wifi base station, so you can connect wherever you are.


The GoPro is the ultimate traveler’s companion. It’s a lightweight, powerful camera that you can take just about anywhere. You can strap it to yourself with its very own harness and record your journey. You could attach it to a GoPro stick and film you and your friends as you travel. When you get to your destination, you can take in the ocean, up mountains or into the snow. It’s versatile and tough.

Phone cards

Connecting with your family and friends back home is always difficult when you’re traveling. Roaming charges are extortionate on most phones, and you never know who your foreign provider is. Phone cards are a handy solution that will help you stick to a budget. Telecom expert Issa Asad tells us they’re the best option for travelers looking to communicate. You’ll set a budget limit, and they work with cell phones or landlines.

Global Translator

Finding yourself in a country that doesn’t understand your language can be intimidating. It makes even the most basic things difficult. With the Global Translator, you can just type in what you’d like to say in your native language. It will then display the text in the new language. Newer versions can even read it aloud.


Whether you love the Kindle or hate it, there’s no denying its usefulness while traveling. You can store thousands of books and choose from your favourites. There’s no need to pack a whole extra luggage bag just for your books! Let’s face it, when you hit the beach, you can power through a book or two a day. The Kindle is the best way to feed the reading habit.

Travel apps

There are lots of great travel apps out there for your smartphone or tablet. They’ll help you navigate a new city or call a taxi. However, we love the all-around travel itinerary apps. Applications like TripIt or HipMunk will store your entire plan and route. Perfect for those clumsy travelers who forget everything!

Technology makes traveling easier, more exciting and better connected. Have we missed any of your favourite travel technology?


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