Saturday, 14 May 2016

6 Tech Solutions To Make Your Business All The More Convenient For Your Customers

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Convenience is at the heart of making a pleasant customer experience. The more trouble you can take off their end of the arrangement, the happier they’ll be. The drive-thru has to be one of the defining examples of that idea in action. The same can be said for the online side of the business too. If you want to make your services all the better for your customers, perhaps these ideas could help.

If your customers aren’t able to use your services, you can’t claim they’re all that convenient. That’s why you need to think about who’s likely to visit your site. The chances are that a lot of them are mobile users. For a start, make sure your site looks as good on mobiles and tablets as it does on a desktop. If you have an e-commerce operation, could it run more smoothly with the help of app developers?

Customer service

Whether you face to face or online, customer service matters. It can be the instigator of that warm fuzzy feeling that turns into brand loyalty. So make sure you’re focusing on it as much online as you would in life. Options like an on-site FAQ or even live chat can help you address your customer’s concerns. Make sure you keep your contact details easy to see as well. Nothing says ‘corporate robots’ quite like an obtuse ‘contact us’ page with no actual contact information.

The chances are that you won’t be able to match the prices of the bigger, older competition you have. Instead, focus on making your delivery system as efficient as possible. Get your deliveries organised by location and keep customers well informed of the process. They’ll be happy with the transparency.

Be ready to deal with it whenever wherever

We’re not recommending that you never take time for real life. However, just having the capacity to deal with an issue as it arises can make you a much more competent business owner. There are all kinds of mobile business software that can help you deal with things on the move. If an order gets stuck or a customer needs a question answered that only you can answer, you could be there for them.

You need to know more about your customers. You need to know what they’re after and what the best deals they can get is. Do your research and find your price comparisons. If you easily find that you’re outbid, then make sure you make your offer worth it. Include incentives for purchase, using loyalty schemes or vouchers for future purchases.

Accepting more payments

The platforms used to access your payments aren’t the only thought you need regarding ‘accessibility’. What about the methods your customers used to pay? Most companies are learning that they’re missing revenue through not accommodating credit cards. There are other methods to consider, too, like PayPal. In the future, it might even be pertinent for more businesses to look at digital currencies like BitCoins.


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