Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Become an Entrepreneur Armed Only With a Laptop and iPhone!

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People think that launching a business is all about huge, sweeping offices and colossal machines. But, it is entirely possible to launch a business from your armchair. Sure, eventually you’re going to want to expand and watch your company grow globally. And then you will need to think about moving into an office. But, for now, you can be an entrepreneur from home with nothing but a laptop and iPhone.

It depends on a lot of what business you want to run, of course. But if you are clever to about it these are there only tools you will need at this stage. That’s the beauty of launching a startup in the digital era.  So, here are some great ways you can sustain your business as an entrepreneur with just these two pieces of tech.
Work on the Move

Everyone is so busy these days. There rarely seems to be time to do all the things we want to do. Life moves at breakneck speed, and you have to make sure every second counts. That’s why more and more business owners have taken to working on the move. The beauty of using a laptop and iPhone to run your company is that you can do it from anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a connection you can run your company. This is massively important and means that you can generate interest in the company and email clients any time of day or night. It means you can work around your life, and you’re not bound to one place all the time.

As a young and happenings entrepreneur of the modern age you’re probably pretty social media savvy. This is essential for any and all modern businesses because it’s free form of marketing. You’ve got to be able to promote and plug your brand all across the globe. And social media presents you with the best way of doing this. Set up a Twitter account and make sure you regularly Tweet about the company, and the offers you might have. Keep people updated about what’s going on with the business and try to generate as many followers as you can.

Direct Orders
Another wonderful thing about having your laptop and iPhone is you can take on direct orders. If you’re a graphic designer or architect, you can use the best CAD software to generate immaculate designs for clients. This helps keep them happy and ensures repeat business, and you don’t even have to leave the house to do it! How amazing is that?! In fact, you could even be on holidays, sat by a pool doing the work as long as you rely on your tech.
Starting down the path of being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be all about figures and office blocks. Sometimes it can be about working from home and utilizing the tools you’ve got. That’s how you can launch your own excellent business using just a phone and laptop. Technology is the present and the future of business and this shows how important it can be to your situation.



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